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Rock Island Arsenal ASC Series: Civil War History

Rock Island Arsenal ASC Series: Civil War History

Join the Army Sustainment Command Historian’s office from Rock Island Arsenal as they explore the history of how the American Civil War impacted the (present day) Quad City area as well as the founding and development of Rock Island Arsenal.

The series will cover the Civil War in chronological order highlighting the 160th anniversaries of 1863 and 1864 and how the events impacted the local area and its future development.  Each session will cover different aspects of the war from personal recollections to larger strategic understandings.

This program is suitable for adults and teens.

This program is jointly hosted by the Davenport Public Library and the Rock Island Public Library. If you are unable to attend the Davenport Public Library's session, another session will be offered earlier in the day at 2:00 PM at Rock Island Public Library. Follow this link to learn more.

-10 January 2024 160th Anniversary of the establishment of Rock Island Prison Barracks

 December of 1863 marked the opening of the Rock Island Prison Barracks on what would be known as Arsenal Island.  Its rocky start would serve only as a prelude to its time holding prisoners. 

-13 March 2024 Prelude to the Civil War and local response.

A discussion into the background of the start to the Civil War response.  Additionally, a spotlight on the (present day) Quad Cities areas response to the war and ties to National events. 

-10 April 2024 Start of the Civil War and local response.

Discussing the first shots and opening months to the war.  The early battles and how local (present day) Quad Cities areas allegiances may have shifted in response to the start of the war.

-8 May 2024  Daily life at the Rock Island Prison Barracks and Civil War prisoner of war camps

A look into the daily life of the prisoners and guards at Rock Island Prison Barracks.  This will also discuss the “Andersonville of the North” myth and background. 

-10 July 2024  Establishment and construction of Rock Island Arsenal

In July 1862, the newly established Rock Island Arsenal was answering a call for a growing demand for increased production for a growing nation caught in the middle of a Civil War.

-14 August 2024  Establishment and history of Camp McClellan

After the start of the Civil War Iowa answered the call for Volunteers to join the Union cause.  More than 40,000 volunteers would be trained and depart out of a temporary camp named Camp McClellan located in Davenport, Iowa.

-11 September 2024  Eastern Theater of War overview

A general overview of Eastern Theater of war showing a highlight of the major campaigns and their relevance to the war and impact on the local area.

-9 October 2024  Western Theater of War overview

A general overview of Western Theater of war showing a highlight of the major campaigns and their direct impact on the Rock Island Prison Barracks.

-11 December 2024  End of the Civil War and demobilization

A discussion of the final campaigns of the Civil War, reconstruction and demobilization of the Federal Army and the impact on the local region.

Wednesday, October 9, 2024 Show more dates
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Meeting Room A

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